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1 Everybody slips at the Dome
2 More frees [Born Free]
3 [A Demon fan's] favourite things
4 Members of the MCC [Born to Run]
5 Train to Montmorency
6 I'm just too good to be true [Buddy]
7 The Dees have a bye [sounds of goodbye]
8 We are the members [Return to Sender]
9 Deep in our hearts everyone barracks for Fitzroy
10 VFL park in the dark
11 full-time in the football stadium of our hearts
12 My homeground
13 Dermott Brereton is a hood
14 Red Hot Go
15 That's the thing about football
16 Jose Romero [Yesterday's Hero]
17 the ballad of Robbie Muir
18 the day the goal ump went the Screamer
19 The Bogans of the Cheer Squad who support the club of Collingwood
20 You want a Grand Final at night (we want it during the day) [Kiss]
21 knee reconstruction
22 Dipierdomenico
23 we finished ninth again
24 Gary Frangalas
25 My son likes the Tigers [Delilah]
26 the day big Al McAlister jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge
27 Out in the West Sydney suburb of Penrith [El Paso]
28 fields of Casey
29 The Pies tumble down in July
30 Podsiadly [Poison Ivy]
31 welcome to what ABC calls Docklands [Hotel California]
32 one Tony Lockett [Guantanamera]
33 not Trent Croad again [on the road again
34 always Johnny Worsfold behind me
35 get Tommy back to Richmond
36 he had his gold jacket on [Always on my Mind]
37 Jonathan Brown [Dirty Old Town]
38 voulez vous a colour TV, matey [Lady Marmalade]
39 a leather sportscoat & a white Range Rover
40 I've played on Nathan Buckley but he's never played on me
41 tweed coats and Akubras [Sweet Home Alabama]
42 Gavin Wanganeen [Vincent]
43 nunquam sumo Freo [amigos para siempre]
44 Risk-A-Telly [Cinderella Rockefella]
45 gorn to the sky chalet [Born in the USA]
46 we are the powder Blues
47 oh St Kilda [Hallelujah]
48 ninth on the ladder [South of the border]
49 down to Kardinia [The River]
50 we hate youse [silly love songs]
51 Freo [Lido]
52 Gary Ablett [Cinderella Rockefella]
53 Jimmy stynes [Danny Boy]
54 I love that goal ump's hat and coat
55 he's got a brother who's even better [the Letter]
56 Wycheproof Linesman
57 Jake King on Ling
58 two ads for every break [Surf City]
59 Abletts in Corio [4 dead in Ohio]
60 could've almost won the flag [Always on my Mind]
61 he's a tagger [In the Ghetto]
62 a patch upon both elbows
63 on the Gold Coast [Pina Collada]
64 on Corio Bay [Morningtown Ride]
65 where do North Melbourne play
66 clash uniform [the Unicorn]
67 sittin' next door to Kenny [living next door to Alice]
68 Dees [DO RE MI]
69 put the whistle away [House of the Rising Sun]
70 Timmy Watson to Michael Long [Space Oddity]
71 I see a spoon…made of wood [Paint it Black]
72 Freo, the Impossible Team [Impossible Dream]
73 drive up to Buller [Climb Every Mountain]
74 we play at the MCG [Wandering Star]
75 funky Fevola beat [Crunchy Granola Suite]
76 Ben Cousins [The Highwayman]
77 hitting the snow [King of the Road]
78 MCG P.A. [Harper Valley PTA]
79 Pie guys [My Guy]
80 it's a replay at the G [raining on the rock]
81 Gold Coast Suns in Noosa [April Sun in Cuba]
82 A lotta people care about Richmond
83 The Saints are on their way
84 Don't let the Big V down
85 killing us softly with handball